Hi, I’m an audio describer, voiceover artist and sound designer who’s passionate about access to the arts

What I do

About me

I grew up in one of those rare houses without a TV (this was late ‘70s and ‘80s!), so I listened to the radio instead, and was always fiddling around with the EQ. Looking back, I can see that was my first experience of manipulating electronic sound, and I’ve loved it ever since.

We were a musical household: my mum was a flute teacher; I played the violin since the age of seven (see pic!) and went on to study music at degree level.  And as my dad was an engineer, I was always fascinated with how things worked and how we can use technology to improve our lives.  So I followed a varied career path, taking in arts administration, sound engineering, IT, and community arts development, until finally settling into the four roles above.

With each of the four areas being so closely connected, I find that when I learn something in one area, it informs and improves my work in the other three.

Alice aged about 8 playing the violin wearing a flat cap

Latest Podcast

Podcast: Making the Arts Accessible -

Episode 10
I talk to Tom and Caroline Maley about audio description. Tom who is blind has been using audio description for many years; in the theatre, for opera, and at museums and historical places. And he has lots of great advice and thoughts about it. As does Caroline who has usually been there with him and shares what it's like accessing access services in different settings.


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