Where is Fairyland?

A show with live music for children of three years and upwards

Watch two fairies crash land on a table.  See them attempt to fly off again.

On the day the wind stops, two fairies fall out of the sky and land here on a table. They find out very quickly that they can’t just fly off and get on with their journeys to there. They are stuck here and they are stuck with each other and all around them is the ground. They find plenty of help on the ground in finding ways to get to where they want to go but somehow they always end up back here at the table. The table makes a good place to have a fairy feast and a great shelter to sleep underneath but it will only be good for taking off if the wind comes back again. Will the wind come back?

  • Twinkle performed by Anthony Haddon
  • Star performed by Madeleine Thorne
  • Musician and composer, Alice Gilmour

Where is fairyland? was originally created by JokkMokk and Anthony Haddon. JokkMokk is Katrin Schyns (dancer and actor) and Margie King (dancer and clown) based in Frankfurt, Germany.


Have a listen to what people said after watching it in July 2023 at Farnley Community Centre, Leeds, as part of the Leeds 2023 festival.

Arya, aged 6, and her mum Helen

Members of LWA Starlight, aged 15

Drew, aged 35

Ian, organiser


And some members of Stoney Croft Care Home after seeing it in September 2023



Here’s a recording of the performance at Sunnybank Mills in July 2022